I recently read David Robinson’s excellent “Introduction to Empirical Bayes : Examples from Baseball Statistics“, and was intrigued by his chapter on empirical Bayes estimation. (Read the original blog post here. Go ahead, I’ll wait.) In short, the idea is to add to the numerator and denominator of a binomialRead More →

As you may have noticed, the whole conceit of this blog is that we’re all named Mark. It’s a rip-roaring pun, and Bradbourne’s Nobel prize will be well deserved. But how hard is it to find a Mark, anyway? Turns out it depends on how old the Mark is. ThanksRead More →

The Data Marks are open for business, but we are complete strangers. For our first challenge we decided to create solo vizzes about ourselves. We hope you enjoy the first series of Outliers, please leave your feedback in the comments section, or hit us up on Twitter. Mark J-II (MarkRead More →

The Data Marks are live!  What started as a potential duo, morphed into a trio. Three strangers, brought together via a random post on Twitter with two common traits; A love of Tableau, and the first name Mark. We truly know nothing about each other, so the first Marks ChallengeRead More →